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  • On my journey to get back into Market Research Hannelius Recruitment found me the perfect role and went above and beyond to give me all the tools required for my job interview. Katariina was terrific in helping me through the entire process. From the first phone briefing, interview prep and up until my successful job offer, I felt very supported! Katariina was in constant contact with me and kept me updated. I am very grateful I had Hannelius Recruitment to guide me through this process and I would strongly recommend Katariina to anyone our there who needs assistance in the Market Research industry. Thanks again!


  • Hannelius were great at helping me secure my new job - from the start of the process and the initial interviews to helping with queries and negotiations along the way. They were extremely professional, lovely to deal with and always on hand for any questions. Thanks to the team and especially Lucy and Katariina who were perfect in interview prep, any questions I had and making the whole process nice and smooth.


  • Thanks to Rhys' help, I was able to find my new job at Pureprofile, in a role that fits my skills very well. He kept an eye during the whole process, giving recommendations on how to pitch myself in the interview.


  • I would like to recommend Rhys as the best recruiter I have ever come across. In autumn 2023 he presented me with great job opportunities and was very helpful and proactive throughout the whole process. He provided perfect interview preparation and prompt feedback to any question I had. I felt very well looked after and working with Rhys has been a pleasure.


  • Rhys has been communicative and extremely helpful throughout the process, always putting my interests first. My transition was made much easier thanks to Rhys’ insight and knowledge!


  • Rhys was very accommodating throughout my job hunting process from start to finish. Ensuring in the first instance that the role was suitable for me, setting up an initial chat with the company and then touching base before and after my interview. He was available for any questions I had and also, once I started, checked in on how my first day went. A great individual and recruiter.


  • I wanted to change careers so I could enjoy better work-life balance, and Lucy got in contact via LinkedIn. We had an initial conversation, and she presented me with opportunities that were very specific and tailored to my requirements. Katariina was also involved in the whole process, and they both made it so easy and stress-free. I was updated regularly, and all my questions were answered quickly and efficiently. They both went above and beyond with helping me find a new job, and It was clear that they were invested in my success! It's been a joy to work with Hannelius Recruitment. It's clear they enjoy what they do, and they want you to success and find the best job for your needs.